Travelling Marshals at WTRA events. Please do not turn up at our events and expect to ride around the course under the pretence of being a travelling marshal.  The forests that we ride in are large and it is easy to get lost.  Some of the terrain is also difficult to ride and we need to ensure that you are able to ride the going. A list of travelling marshals is held by the signing-on team and only those on this list will be issued a WTRA marshal's bib.  This list is prepared before the day of the event so please do not turn up on the day of the event and expect to ride as a travelling marshal.  It is important that travelling marshals have knowledge of the forest and it is therefore necessary that they have some experience of the course by assisting with set-up weekends. If you wish to help out as a travelling marshal or help out in general, please send an email to the Club Chairman Ray Bartlett ( ) with your contact details and an indication of where you would wish to help out.
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